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7 Personal Items You Shouldn’t Store in the Bathroom

Sure, bathrooms differ as far as wall color, bathtub size, and cute little bath mats and waste baskets. However, there’s two things all bathrooms have in common: they’re wet and they’re humid. As you can understand, this typical bathroom environment can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. So if you keep these seven bathroom tools…in your bathroom…you may want to rethink your storage choices…

1. Makeup

I’m guilty of keeping my makeup in my bathroom. However, my eyeshadow pallet and mascaras are not tucked away in a drawer or medicine cabinet, they sit on a shelf directly over my bathtub (gasp)! I, like many women, choose to store my makeup here because it’s convenient to grab and apply in the mornings.

However, the heat and humidity from my shower (and my husband’s showers) are doing my face no favours, according to Jenny Frankel, President at Frankly Beauty. Not only do heat and warm moisture breakdown cosmetics, they also provide ample breading ground for germs and mold to lodge in my makeup brushes.  Needless to say, it may be time for a makeup table (with a drawer) in my bedroom.

Acne Friendly Makeup

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