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7 Newer Drug-Free Therapies for PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a serious condition resulting from single traumatic experiences or prolonged stress. It may not be obvious that a person is suffering from PTSD, but it can lead to negative changes in emotional well being, more aggressive or withdrawn behavior and in some cases, increased suicide risk.

Traditional treatments for PTSD often include antidepressant medications, but new drug-free approaches are being recommended by doctors that may be healthier. Here are seven alternative treatments that can help a person cope with their symptoms of this crippling disorder, without relying on drugs (although medications are sometimes used alongside other treatments)…

1. Equine Therapy

Wounded Warriors Canada details a program called Can Praxis Equine that is specifically designed for veterans and their families. The program involves various phases, such as conflict resolution. However, at the heart of the program is the interaction with horses.

The website explains that horses are intuitive and can help participants learn about themselves by how the animals respond to their behavior. The program progresses to a ranch setting where patients are able to ride the horses and care for them.


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