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7 Neurotransmitters Vital to Brain and Body Health

Your brain is the control center for everything in your body – and there’s a fairly delicate balance of chemistry that must be in check for everything to function properly. Your brain uses chemical neurotransmitters to communicate from one cell to another, and an imbalance of these chemical signals can cause problems mentally and physically.

Each one of these chemicals is responsible for making you feel a certain way – from excitement, sadness and contentedness. They are subdivided into categories from amino acids, to gasotransmitters, to monoamines, but let’s take a look at how seven of these chemical transmitters (primarily in the latter category) affect brain and body function…

1. Dopamine

This is a neurotransmitter that is associated with pleasure and rewards (which is why drugs that stimulate dopamine production are often so addictive), according to Psychology Today. It is an important element when it comes to regulating emotional responses, adds the source.

But dopamine has other functions such as regulating movement, and a lack of dopamine can actually lead to Parkinson’s Disease, a central nervous system disorder causing involuntary shaking of the hands and difficult walking.

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