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Jolly Tips For an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Ah Christmas, a time for giving, a time for… conserving? While the holidays are often connected with a bit of indulgence, it doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to lessen our impact on the environment during the festive season.

From your choice of Christmas tree to the type of wrapping paper you use, you can be make a difference on how you affect the world around you. Here are seven tips to help you be as friendly as possible to the planet while also celebrating with friends and family…

1. Choose a Real Tree

If you haven’t already put up your Christmas tree, you may be just a little behind. In any case, you still have a choice to make: real or artificial? While some might think that cutting down a tree is worse for the environment than using a “faux fir,” they should think again.

Good Housekeeping explains that artificial trees are filled with synthetic materials that can’t be recycled (not to mention they’re often shipped in from foreign countries), and most people discard them every few years – and they head straight to a landfill. If you already have an artificial tree, use it as long as you can by taking care of it, and then switch to a real tree that’s native to the area you live in (so it may be replanted), it adds.

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