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Invisible Health Hazards in Your Home

Usually we can assess danger by what we can see or smell, but in some cases, there are harmful substances present that we may not be aware of—until they start to impact our health. You may have a chronic sniffle or something worse, and the culprit may be an unwanted houseguest.

If your doctor can’t seem to find an outside trigger for your health woes, then it may be time to start looking inside, and in some cases, this means hiring a professional to monitor certain substances present in your home’s environment. Here are seven hazards that are hidden from view that could be making you ill…

1. Radon

This is a gas (and a chemical element) that is present in many American homes, but few are aware of it. However, the Environmental Protection Agency calls it “the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.” That amounts to about 21,000 lung cancer deaths related to radon every year, notes the EPA.

American authorities have known about the dangers of radon for years. In 2005 it put out a call for homeowners to test their house for radon and fix any problems with proper ventilation. The radon is created by “the breakdown of uranium inside the earth,” explains the 2005 news release from the surgeon general.

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