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7 Healthy Ways to Vent Anger that are All the Rage

Anger: it has its place, but hold on to it for extended periods of time and it can start to tear you up inside and come out in explosive ways. If you’re feeling frustrated often, it’s probably best to identify the triggers and let go of it; but in the meantime, you can learn some ways to deal with it so you don’t do something impulsive.

If you find yourself “blowing up” often, it could mean you’re holding on to some unhealthy anger that can actually lead to health problems such as heart attacks, according to WebMD. Here are seven ways to get out your anger without hurting yourself or anyone around you…

1. Cry it Out

This is difficult for some people, especially some men who relate crying with some kind of weakness. However, it’s a healthy way for your body to release emotions such as sadness (which can lead to anger).

“Allowing yourself the space to cry can work wonders on freeing up the stored up energy inside that is too much to contain within,” explains Lifehack.org. Focus on what you’re frustrated about while you’re shedding the tears to help cleanse it from your system, it adds.

Crying for No Reason

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