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7 Healthy Reasons to Try Something New Every Day

It’s fairly easy to build a life of comfortable routine. Before you know it you’re suddenly eating the same breakfast, taking the same route to work, having the same conversations with your coworkers, and doing the same mundane, unfulfilling tasks each and every day.

Change, however small—be it changing your running route, your wardrobe, or your hairstyle—can be very healthy. I encourage you to do something new every single day, big or small, for the sake of your overall wellness…

1. Boost Your Confidence

Change opens the door to success and when you experience success, it inevitably boosts confidence and self-worth. According to research from the National Institute of Mental Health, there is a science behind breaking out of your comfort zone.

Often times we get stuck in our comfort zones, which is defined as a “behavioral space” where activities and behaviors fit a routine that diminishes stress and risk. When we become too comfortable we start holding ourselves back from healthy challenges that help us learn, grow and try new things. It’s this link between taking risk and achieving positive outcome that builds a “can do” attitude.

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