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7 Health Hazards Hidden in Everyday Routines

2. Walking in High Heels

A post on Peak Fitness (Mercola.com) notes that about half of women in the U.S. walk in high heels (and own an average of 9-pairs of these each, but that’s another topic). Of course, there’s the discomfort from wearing them for long periods of time (71-percent of women surveyed say so), but there could be some more serious problems related to heels.

Apparently, from the year 2002 to 2012, more than 123,000 injuries from wearing high heels were treated in emergency rooms across the U.S., according to the source. These injuries include sprains and strains, as well as injuries to the head and other body parts presumably from falling. Surprisingly, the age group with the most injuries was 20 to 29, and the injuries “typically occurred while in the home”.

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