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7 Health Facts about Neurological Disorders

There is a wide range of neurological disorders and diseases that center on the brain, spinal chord and nervous system. Some of these problems can be progressive and fatal, while others may impact your quality of life to some extent.

New treatments are being developed and there’s hope on the horizon, but for many, living with a neurological health problem (such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s) can severely limit their motor skills and brain function. The University of California says there are more than 600-neurological diseases, so let’s take a closer look at seven facts about them…

1. They’re Not Mental Illnesses

While we already said that neurological disorders can impact your brain, “The most common misconception regarding neurological conditions is the belief that they are equivalent to mental illnesses,” according to MovementForHope.org.

In many cases, memory and cognitive ability are untouched by neurological disorders, it adds. However, while the symptoms of a related disease can often be visible, oftentimes they’re not, like some mental illnesses.

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