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7 Health Conditions Linked to Poor Oral Health

Going to the dentist for some people is like, well…pulling teeth. However, by ignoring your oral health for prolonged periods of time, you can end up with problems that go far beyond just stained teeth.

Aside from gum disease and even oral cancer, there are a number of health problems you may not know can be traced back to having poor dental hygiene or damaged and missing teeth. Here are seven lesser-known conditions that can be caused by skipping your dental appointments…


1. Weight Gain or Obesity

Having damaged, missing or even painful teeth can mean you’re not chewing your food properly, or you’re limiting the types of food you can eat. While most adults have 32 teeth, The Canadian Obesity Network reports that if you have 21 teeth or less, you are at higher risk of obesity due to your inability to chew your meals properly.

Part of the problem is that you may be more partial to foods that are easier to chew, which include high-fat options like fast food. Foods that are nutritious and high in fiber (i.e., apples) aren’t so easy to swallow when your teeth aren’t up to the job.

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