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7 Facts about Heat, Humidity and Impacts on Health

We’re coming into the warmer season, and for states that are already relatively warm for most of the year, that means they’ll be especially hot. While that means sipping beverages on patios and lounging on beaches, it also means certain health considerations.

Enjoying the sun and outdoors during the late spring and summer (and into early fall) is something many Americans look forward to, especially those in northern states that are covered in snow 6-months a year. However, here are seven ways the high temperatures should have you on higher alert…

1. Heat Stroke

Scientific America notes that sustained extreme heat can overwhelm the mechanisms in your body meant to regulate temperature, such as sweating in particular. In fact, ” When a person is exposed to heat for a very long time, the first thing that shuts down is the ability to sweat,” notes the article.

The problem with this is that sweat has a cooling effect when it evaporates, and if you stop sweating, then obviously this benefit dissipates too. It doesn’t take long after that point for a person to suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke, the latter which is when your core temperature climbs above 104-Farenheit and becomes a medical emergency as it can damage internal organs, including the brain.

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