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Early Warning Signs of Cataracts

2. Night Vision Difficulties

For people who are starting to experience problems associated with cataracts, one of the first signs will be difficulty seeing at night. That’s because cataracts often causes the vision to darken or dim, and may also lead to slight tinges of yellow or brown in the eyesight.

At first, this may not present serious problems during the day, when there’s usually enough light to compensate for a dimming vision. However, the problem will be immediately problematic at night and presents significant dangers to a patient who operates a vehicle or heavy machinery during the evening or early morning hours. If you begin to have trouble seeing at night or develop headaches from bright headlights or streetlights, talk to your family doctor or eye doctor right away.

“Patients often complain of a problem with night driving and reading road signs,” says Shoshana Ungerleider, MD, to Reader’s Digest. “If you notice these and/or frequent changes in your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription, make an appointment to see your eye doctor for an exam.”

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