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7 Cool Tips to Survive the End of Summer Blues

The weather is cooling off a couple of degrees in some states (although it’s still quite summery outside). However, with students going back to school, bedtimes getting earlier and popular attractions shortening their hours following tourist season, it can leave a feeling of loss in some that can only be described as the blues.

One of the keys is to remember that summers are not gone forever, and that there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming seasons, suggests Reader’s Digest. By reflecting on the good times you had and appreciating your changing surroundings, you can beat the summer blues. Here are seven tips for saying goodbye to the warmest season (for now)…

1. Frame your Favorite Moments

Everyone takes hundreds of pictures via smartphone or other means these days, and you probably have countless moments to look back on from the summer that you may have forgotten about. Reader’s Digest says you should find those precious summer moments and bring them back to life by printing them.

Don’t stop there; the source suggests placing your favorite snapshots in a frame and hanging it somewhere where you can glance at and smile while the leaves are falling outside. Make a bigger project out of a scrapbook you can leaf through, which you’ll be able to cherish for years to come.

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