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7 Common Causes of Cold Fingers and Toes

Are you prone to icy digits? If your fingers and toes are constantly and inexplicably cold even when everyone else is warm, you may be dealing with an underlying health issue. Let’s ask the health experts, “Why are my piggies always cold?” and find out what constantly cold fingers and tootsies can actually mean…

1. Circulatory Problems

It might be a little too obvious, but circulatory issues can reasonably lead to cold digits. According to cardiologists at New York’s North Shore-LIJ Health System, compromised blood circulation can result from obstructed blood flow (or a cholesterol blockages that stop up capillaries or arteries), or from an improperly pumping heart.

If a blockage or organ inefficiency is present (i.e., heart) oxygen rich blood flow will be decreased, and lead to stone cold fingers and toes. You may also experience a telltale tingling, numbness, and prickly feeling in your extremities because they are the furthest areas from the heart.


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