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Causes Of Foot Pain You Can’t Walk Off

Your feet take a beating every day, but we sometimes neglect how much stress we put on them – or wear the proper footwear for the right situation. However, having sore feet can slow you down or worse, make it almost impossible to walk.

There are many foot and lower leg conditions that can be assessed by a podiatrist or a doctor, to help put a spring back in your step. Whether you need orthotic shoes or have another underlying health condition, here are 16 possible reasons your feet are tender…

1. Metatarsalgia

The Mayo Clinic explains this is a condition that affects the ball of your foot (near the front of your foot before the toes), causing inflammation and pain. “Although generally not serious, metatarsalgia can sideline you,” notes the source.

Those who participate in running and jumping sports are more likely to develop this condition, it adds. There are DIY treatments such as ice and rest, and you should also consider footwear with insoles that better absorbs shocks, according the clinic.

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