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Causes and Tips for Sufferers of Frequent Nosebleeds

2. Nasal Injuries

We’ve all done it before and I’m sure most of us will do it again at some point, but there are many people (like children) who tend to over do it! Finger picking the delicate tissues inside the nose or jamming a tissue way up there to scratch a relentless itch can easily result in accidental injury or a nose bleed. Also, injury to a blood vessel on the inside lining of your nose can lead to frequent nose bleeds. In this case, the blood vessel may need to be cauterized (burned with an electric current from a laser or silver nitrate).

Not only that, but doing so after already suffering a nosebleed will only prolong the healing process. Prevention talked to Jerold Principato, MD, who said it takes around seven to 10 days to heal a ruptured blood vessel. The bleeding only stops when a clot forms and then later turns into a scab as it heals. If you pick the scab off, you’ll just continue the process all over again.

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