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7 Big on Health Bedtime Habits

I bet you focus on all the things you do all day when it comes to healthy eating, heart-inducing exercise, and positive social interaction. However, what you do right before bedtime also affects your health in many ways. Here are seven health-focused habits to work into your nightly bedtime ritual..

1. Wash Off That Makeup

I understand the need to just roll into bed, make-up and all. However, leaving all of the make-up and grime on that you’ve collected throughout the day not only clogs your pores—it also causes early aging in the form of crow’s feet and wrinkles.

So that next time you’re too beat to cleanse and moisturize before you hit the hay, consider what a night of sleeping in your make-up does to your skin. Make-up blocks pores—trapping all sorts of free radicals and environmental toxins under the skin. Plus, if your pores are blocked they produce less sebum, naturally moisturizing oils, wearing down collagen and leading to an early appearance of fine lines.

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