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6 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all live within our comfort zones to some degree by doing things that are familiar to us as well as relatively easy. While this is all part of establishing a routine, you may also be longing to try something new, but lack the confidence or reassurance to go for it.

Leaving your comfort zone can be…well, uncomfortable. But it can also expand your horizons, create new opportunities, and leave you with memorable experiences. Here are six ways to gear up your mindset to step outside the box…

1. Establish your Comfort Zone

As Lifehack.org suggests, it may be difficult to step outside the zone of comfort if you haven’t defined what your objectives are or what makes you uncomfortable. The site invites you think about actions outside of your comfort zone (or daily routine), and then challenge them.

This doesn’t just mean doing things for the sake of making yourself feel uncomfortable. “What are the things that you believe are worth doing but are afraid of doing yourself because of the potential for disappointment or failure?” asks the site, which also suggests using circle diagrams to identify what’s in your comfort zone and what lies beyond it.

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