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6 Ways to Stall Motion Sickness

Train, bus, car, boat, or roller coaster ride putting your tummy in knots? Well, you’re not alone when it comes to experiencing motion sickness, a type of motion-related sickness that can progress from tummy tumbles, to sweating, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting quite quickly.

Summer is a prime time for travels—via the open road and the open sea. However, if you can’t “stomach” travel for motion sickness, try these tips to help stop your stomach from doing cartwheels…

1. Who Experiences Motion Sickness?

Motion-related sickness, such as the type you experience riding on a bus, car, boat, or amusement park ride, results when the inner ear canals and eyes send wonky signals to the brain. Those who are prone to motion sickness are prone to mixed signals between what the body feels motion-wise vs. how the eyes visualize motion.

While children are most associated with motion-related sickness, anyone anxious around traveling, nervous about the mode of travel, or those riding in poorly ventilated vehicles can experience motion sickness.

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