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6 Ways Pharmacists are Good for Your Health

Next to your doctor, your pharmacist can be your best friend when it comes to seeking health solutions. Physicians can sometimes be inaccessible or expensive, so having a good relationship with a pharmacist who cares can go a long way.

Those who work behind the counter at pharmacies are also very knowledgeable in a variety of ways relating to your health, and also know how certain medications can interact. In the spirit of American Pharmacists Month in October, Here are six ways pharmacists can help you stay healthy…

1. Dispensing Medication Knowledge

Sure, many prescriptions come with 7-pages of instructions with every possible side effect listed somewhere in small print. However, your pharmacist also knows what medications you’re already on, and can give you a quick answer regarding drug safety and dosage.

Your pharmacist can also advise you on what time of day is best to take a certain drug, and if it should be taken with a meal. You can even request certain “easy open” containers if you’re arthritic or can’t open traditional childproof versions, and your pharmacy can safely dispose of your unused medications.


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