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6 Ways Friendship Improves Our Health

Friendships are one of the most important facets of life. Friends can enhance and help us celebrate the best times—from weddings to graduations and new careers—as well as help us get through the worst of times (i.e., divorces, deaths, and layoffs).

That’s why friendships are so crucial to helping maintain our mental and physical health. Simply put, it’s incredibly important that people have a dependable social network in place to help them weather the storm of life.  So, in a specific way, let’s examine how friendship affects our health and wellness?

1. Having Friends Extends Our lives

A study conducted by a group of psychologists from the University of Chicago found that people who have strong social networks are less likely to die prematurely compared to people who feel isolated and alone. In fact, some research has shown that having resilient social ties to other people can significantly extend one’s life span.

Experts believe that having strong and stable friendships can help us to manage stress, which can have a dramatically impact on our physical health. If you know that you’ll have people by your side in times of worry, it can make a huge difference when trying to manage the situation.


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