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6 Ways Fidgeting Can Benefit Health

Hi my name is Anna and I’m a fidgeter. I don’t mean to be rude, but if you ever see me in an editorial meeting or even watching a movie with my hubby, I’m constantly typically tapping my toes or bouncing my knees. I don’t know why I have this inner need to move even when I’m supposed to be sitting still, relaxing, or paying attention to something or someone else. However, what I once considered a minor annoyance to everyone around me actually may have some scientific benefits when it comes to my health. If you’re a self-proclaimed toe-tapper, finger drummer, or leg bouncer as well, take a look at these six health benefits associated with fidgeting…

1. Fidgeting Reduces Mortality

According to a study out of the University of Leeds and University College London, fidgeting, especially if you sit for the majority of the day, can ward off some of the negative effects associated with sedentary jobs and early mortality.

The University of Leeds researchers surveyed 12,778 women between the ages of 35- and 69-years old as to health behaviors, chronic disease, physical activity levels, and fidgeting. The findings showed that women who fidgeted defused the negative benefits of their sedentary jobs compared to those women who didn’t fidget and experienced a 43-percent increase in their all-cause mortality risk.

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