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6 Vaccines to Get in Adulthood

Getting vaccinated is stressed for children, especially since they’re in close quarters in day cares and schools and can be exposed more to viruses (not to mention having less developed immune systems). However, while you should follow the schedules for child vaccinations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should definitely protect yourself too.

The shots recommended for adults are not always the same as the ones for children, and can be advised by your doctor especially if you have certain health conditions. A physician can also warn you about the dangers of a certain vaccine in some cases, for example if you’re pregnant. Let’s have a look at six key vaccines you should get beyond the age of 18-years old…

1. Shingles (Zoster Vaccine)

If you’ve never had shingles, you’re lucky—it is a potentially excruciating nerve infection that strikes adults and is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The CDC notes you should get the zoster vaccine if you’re in the 60 to 64-age bracket (even if you’ve had shingles before).

This same virus is responsible for chickenpox in children and teenagers, and the virus can reappear later in life (one in 3-people will get shingles in their lifetime). If you have shingles, you can’t directly pass it to someone else, but you can still infect someone with chickenpox who has never had the latter illness.


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