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6 Treatments to Expect During Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke can be devastating, but luckily in many cases the patient makes a full recovery. However, that process can take awhile – in fact in some cases, in can be a lifetime of getting better.

However, if you’ve had a stroke, you should have realistic expectations, and knowing more can help you rebound faster. You will also likely encounter post-stroke issues that you can learn to work through with your health care team. Here are six things to expect after suffering a stroke and how they are addressed…

1. Aphasia Therapy

Aphasia may improve on its own, or you could be referred to a speech therapist. Medscape.com explains that aphasia – the inability to comprehend or express language due to specific brain damage – can affect about 1-third of acute stroke patients.

The rate of recovery will vary depending on the type of damage to the brain, adds the source. For example, it notes that patients with “large hemisphere lesions” (Broca aphasia) can expect little recovery, while those with smaller lesions “confined to the posterior frontal lobe” show early progressive improvement. Patients with global aphasia – a severe form of the disorder – may have their comprehension skills improve more than their expressive abilities, it adds.

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