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6 Stuffy Reasons For Chronic Congestion

I’ve been dealing with severe nasal congestion for the past 8-months. It started as spring allergies and developed into a sinus infection, which my doctor treated with antibiotics. However, although the nasal pain and inflammation seemed to clear up thanks to my prescription, I’ve been plagued by sneezing, a runny nose, and slight congestion (akin to allergies) ever since.

Many of us continue to feel congested without having the flu, or allergies to the most common irritants (i.e., pet dander and pollen). Here are six stuffy reasons why you’re still chronically congested…


1. Rebound Congestion

Did you employ a decongestant spray the last time you felt congested? While your doctor may have even recommended picking one up from the pharmacy, using over-the-counter nasal sprays for more than the required time can result in rebound congestion.

Rebound congestion occurs when you become dependent, yes, even addicted, to your nasal spray. Typically, over the counter sprays recommend ceasing use after 3 days time because over-use can leave you reliant on that spritz. Rebound congestion can be kicked—you just have to break the cycle cold turkey. Your doctor may also prescribe steroid medications to help you shake the nasal decongestant dragon.


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