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Spooky Studies About the Full Moon Effect for Halloween

The big, full moon is often associated with the spookiness of Halloween, which is just around the corner. Although moon calendars show there won’t be a full moon this Oct. 31st. However, the full moon may be more than a visual prop used to create a creepy atmosphere—some studies insist it has a profound effect on human behavior.

Many also support the idea that more unusual events take care when there’s a full moon. However, not all sources agree there’s a connection. “The moon holds a mystical place in the history of human culture, so it’s no wonder that many myths,” notes an article from LiveScience. But let’s take a closer look at six studies about this alleged phenomenon…

1. Full Moons Can Cause Bad Dreams

Okay, maybe not—we’re being a bit dramatic in the name of Halloween. However, Health.com notes that a full moon may make it more difficult to fall asleep– findings that are based on a study of 33 people.

The Swiss research found that the participants took 5-minutes longer to fall asleep during the 4-days before and after a full moon, explains the article. The participants also slept 20-minutes less, and had 30-percent less deep sleep. Maybe the participants were sleeping with one eye opened…

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