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6 Signs that Palliative Care is Right for a Loved One

Your mother, father or another close family member may be at the point where there’s diminishing hope for recovery from an illness, or old age has sapped them of basic functions. It’s never an easy decision, but whether they’re in hospital or home care, there will come a time when palliative care becomes the logical option.

While home palliative care is available in some cases, it’s not always ideal to have the emotional burden, while often requiring your assistance. Palliative care is specifically designed to provide a calming and caring environment staffed with professionals that can preserve the patient’s dignity and ease their pain. Here are six signs it’s time to choose palliative care…

1. They’ve Been Diagnosed with a Serious Illness

Choosing palliative care doesn’t mean that your loved one won’t continue to receive cancer treatments, according to the National Cancer Institute. Treatment can still be delivered while staff prepares the patient for either outcome.

“However, when a patient reaches a point at which treatment to destroy the cancer is no longer warranted, palliative care becomes the total focus of care,” notes the source. Treatment can still be delivered to minimize unpleasant side effects and mitigate emotional pain, it adds. Hospice care is often the next step, when all other options have been exhausted.

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