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6 Significant Advances in the Science of Sleep

You’re already aware how sleep, or lack of it, impacts your mental and physical health. Sleep, after all, affects our ability to exercise and our inclinations when it comes to appetite and food. This means skipping out on essential shut-eye can be greatly detrimental to your ability to be active, think, focus, and make healthy decisions.

Luckily, sleep studies during the past decade tell us how to get more quality sleep in order to live healthier, happier, longer lives…

1. Sleep Vital to Health

If you fear any of the following chronic illnesses—depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease, stroke, anxiety, or high blood pressure—adequate shut-eye should be on the top of your priority list.

In fact, sleep is considered of such vital importance that researchers at Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine have deemed sleep is the “third pillar of health,” in addition to healthy nutrition and exercise. Skimping on sleep is linked to contributing to several chronic diseases—from type II diabetes to an increased risk of breast cancer.


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