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6 Risk Factors of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Also known as LGS, this syndrome affects younger children (starting between ages two to six) and is a rare form of epilepsy, according to WebMD. This results in frequent seizures of varying forms, adds the source.

WebMD also notes the condition is especially difficult to treat, however research is ongoing. There can be other symptoms related the syndrome, such as learning difficulties and development delays, it adds. Here are six possible explanations for the medical problem…

1. Lack of Oxygen

DoveMed.com notes that a reduced oxygen supply to a baby, also referred to as perinatal hypoxia, can be a risk factor for LGS. Other sources break down the reasons why an infant may not be getting sufficient oxygen immediately before and after birth – for example, a traumatic birth could temporarily cut off air supply to a newborn, killing off some essential brain cells.

Infants can also experience a higher risk of perinatal hypoxia if the mother smokes, the mother has anemia, or there’s a traumatic brain injury, according to BirthInjuryGuide.org.

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