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6 Possible Red Flags When Dealing With a Healthcare Provider

Choosing a doctor or another health provider, like a chiropractor or physiotherapist, takes a bit of research on your end. There are intangibles beyond qualifications that you may want to consider, which could put up barriers to communication and subsequently lead to incorrect diagnoses.

You should feel comfortable on all levels with your health provider, knowing you have the freedom of turning to them for accurate advice and treatment. However, here are six warning signs that you may want to switch practitioners or avoid certain ones in the first place…


1. Rudeness

Doctors sometimes are very “black and white” about their recommendations and treatment options, and that’s fine to a certain point (as long as it’s helpful). But if they start being condescending when you’re asking questions or have concerns, then it’s time to show yourself out.

Rolling their eyes when you mention your symptoms or not seeming to register what you just said to them are biggies. “One of the clearest signs you should move on is if he or she walks out of the room while you’re still talking,” notes U.S. News.

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