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6 Pneumonia Risk Factors

Pneumonia is a very serious health condition that should be treated by a doctor, as it can be fatal or land you in hospital for extended periods of time. The lung infection primarily affects the tiny air sacs of the lung (called alveoli), combining for a number of symptoms that mimic a bad cough, flu and fever.

However, you may be putting yourself at a higher risk of pneumonia without knowing it due to your lifestyle, while there are some other factors you don’t have much control over. Here are six risk factors when it comes to contracting pneumonia…

1. Smoking

Breathing cigarette smoke into your lungs on a regular basis can increase your chances of a serious lung infection, and there’s worse news: according to ScienceDaily, almost 10-percent of smokers admitted to the hospital for pneumonia are diagnosed with cancer within a year.

Lung cancer is the form of the disease that kills the most Americans, adds the source. The research that determined the link between pneumonia and lung cancer found that the highest incidence of cancer was in patients who had upper lobe pneumonia.

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