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6 Painless Facts about Hypalgesia

This is a condition (also called hypoalgesia) that is characterized by lowered pain sensitivity in patients, which is usually a result of a secondary health condition (such as high blood pressure). It sounds good on the surface – who wants to feel pain? – but it can actually be a problem, as people may mistakenly think they’re in good health, or ignore injuries.

One way this decreased sensitivity can happen is by taking prescription (or over the counter) pain medications, but as we mentioned, there are other ways it can occur from certain diseases and conditions. Let’s take a closer look at six facts about this seldom talked about health problem…

1. CIPA is a Pain

This is an acronym for Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, and it starts during the embryo stage of development and results in missing nerves that would normally detect heat and pain, according to LivingNaturally.com.

Another problem in patients with CIPA is their inability to sweat (anhidrosis), adds the source. This makes it difficult for the patient to regulate their body temperature, which could lead to fever-like symptoms in warmer weather, it explains.

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