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6 Of The Most Unusual Phobias

We all have our own fears and little quirks about things that make us uncomfortable. And for some of us, those fears develop into full on phobias. WebMD describes a phobia as an irrational and disabling fear which often begins in childhood. The website notes that some phobias may have been brought on by traumatic events but it is also not uncommon for them to not have any specific cause or reason behind them but they still cause reactions and feelings of anxiety and panic when exposed.

Some phobias can be treated with exposure therapy, where your reaction will change after gradually being exposed to your fear and some require cognitive behavioural therapy where patients learn to change inaccurate perceptions that they may have regarding their phobias. Some of us have a fear of flying, fear of heights, or spiders. However, there are quite a few phobias that are stranger than most. Here’s a list of 6 of the most unusual phobias…

1. Nomophobia

This strange phobia is one that youth fear more than the elderly, and that’s the fear of being without your phone or mobile coverage. The name was was conceived in the United Kingdom after it was discovered that this was a growing concern for the youth population. The “nomo” part of the word is abbreviated from “no-mobile-phone”.

This phobia was discovered when the UK Post Office commissioned a research organization that looked at the anxieties of people who use mobile phones. Over half of the people who participated in the study claimed to be anxious when they lose their phone, have no service or run out of battery.

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