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6 Neurobic Workouts For Your Brain

You’ve done the word puzzles, the Sudoku, the memory games, and those are all great, but why not switch up your brain exercises? Just like physical exercise, switching up your routine can speed up development in areas that may be lagging behind.

Perhaps you should change your thinking about how to give your brain a workout. Neurobic brain exercises are designed to challenge how your brain routinely works, using all of your senses in the process. If you’ve never heard of this technique (or smelled or seen it), then here are six fairly simple neurobic workouts to try…

1. Switch Up Your Hobby

SheKnows.com suggests straying from your usual leisure activity, even if you really enjoy it and are good at it. For example, the source said if you usually like to hit the links for a round of golf, try something completely different (and perhaps out of your comfort zone) – like yoga.

Or, if that’s not going to work for you (it’s because you don’t have a yoga mat, right?) then try something that’s almost guaranteed to stimulate all your senses – gardening. “You can enjoy the great outdoors, play in the dirt, inhale the fragrance of fresh flowers or the aroma of sun-ripened tomatoes and learn new (and useful) skills,” notes the source.


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