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6 Key Treatments for Amnesia

Most of us are familiar with amnesia, which is generally defined as memory loss, and its causes, from brain injury to alcoholism to dementia to mental health trauma (such as post-traumatic stress disorder). But there’s much less knowledge when it comes to the various treatment options available to people suffering from significant memory loss.

The good news is that there are a number of unique treatment options available to those dealing with amnesia. Some, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, target underlying behaviors and mental health conditions. Others, such as medications, are designed to help when brain trauma or dementia are involved. As with any mental or physical health condition, it’s important to discuss these treatment options with your physician before trying any of them.

1. Cognitive behavioral therapy

The most popular treatment option for individuals struggling with amnesia is cognitive behavioral therapy, which can be loosely defined as a playbook of strategies and tactics focused on enhancing concentration, managing time, and improving decision-making. It can also be used to help mine the brain for lost memories and help determine how an individual may have developed amnesia in the first place.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be conducted by several different types of specialists, from general practitioners to psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers. Your family doctor can help you determine which choice is right for you and your condition.

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