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6 Infectious Facts about Mononucleosis

Now that kids are back in school, you’ll probably hear more about “the kissing disease” – AKA mononucleosis (or mono), which will affect many people over the course of their lives with varying symptoms.

While in fact mono can be passed through saliva during kissing, there are several other ways an individual may contract the virus, especially in the case of younger children that haven’t discovered kissing (yet). Here are six things to know about the common virus, and what to watch for…

1. It Spreads Through Other Means Than Kissing

KidsHealth.org notes that mono can be passed through the sharing of eating utensils, drinks, and even from sharing a friend’s lip-gloss or lip balm. Basically, anything that can transfer saliva from an infected person to another person is a risk. It can also be spread through saliva or mucus from sneezing or coughing.

Often, the child that has mono may not even know it, so they may feel inclined to share without realizing they’re putting someone else at risk, notes the source. Which brings us to our next point, about the incubation period for the virus…

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