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6 Healthy Ways to Condition Yourself for Athletic Competition

Whether you’ve decided to take on a marathon, or you’re training for a big soccer or rugby match, you need to turn your body and mind into finely tuned machines to get the edge out on the battlefield. Having that edge can mean the difference between winning or losing, or coming in first place or 20th.

The first trick is getting yourself into the mindset that you want to tackle the challenge head-on, and maybe start visualizing your victory. Then there are a number of dietary and exercise regimes you can follow to get yourself into optimal shape for the big contest. Here are six of them…

1. Strength Training for Marathons

While we think of marathons as a test of endurance (therefore often focusing on cardiovascular conditioning), you can actually gain an edge by performing strength training, notes Men’s Fitness magazine.

The source notes that adding extra miles to your training route may set you up for injury if your muscles aren’t up to the task. That’s why strengthening muscles is important to avoid your bones and connective tissues from absorbing the extra strain that your muscles can’t handle, adds the source.

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