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6 Healthy Reasons to Learn Another Language

You’ve probably always thought in the back of your head that it would be nice to learn a foreign language—even if it’s only for asking for directions to the best places to visit when traveling.

However, aside from being a good travel companion, a second or even third language has other benefits that can boost your brain health and even potentially help you earn more money. Here are the top six reasons you should stop delaying those language classes…


1. Gain Cognitive Benefits

According to a 2014 article in The Atlantic magazine, learning another language can unlock your abilities. For instance, the article liked developing language skills to improved mathematics and reading skills—and even to better concentration (the article notes multilingual people tend to score better on tests).

Amazingly, learning another language can help you avoid making typos, which the article referred to as “cognitive traps”. A big point is that adults who learn another language or two can help avoid cognitive decline leading into old age. The Atlantic noted those who spoke more than their mother tongue that develop dementia do so years later compared to those with only one mastered language.

Math Problems

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