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6 Health Reasons to Cool It with Air Conditioning

Sure, it’s 90-Fahrenheit and you’re sitting in your living room, sweat dripping off your forehead. Your instinct is to close all the windows and switch on the central air conditioning, which will surely give you relief from the relentless onslaught of heat and humidity.

However, while using air conditioning is a pretty surefire way to beat the heat indoors, there are reasons you should think twice about turning it on and turning to one of these alternatives. Here are six health risks (and other potential problems) related to blasting your AC…

1. Headaches

Air conditioning works in part by sucking the moisture out of your home, which can cause dehydration. Quora.com notes that even mild dehydration can trigger a headache, as well as complicate sinus issues. The cold air resulting from running your central air can apparently also cause “slight brain freeze” causing blood vessels to constrict leading to cranial pain, adds the source.  

The informational website suggests drinking a glass of water before bedtime when you plan to run the AC through the night, as many people tend to wake up with hangover-like symptoms if they’re been breathing conditioned air all night. If you wake partway through the night, take the opportunity to consume some H2O.

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