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6 Health Facts and Benefits of Osteopathic Care

There are many treatment options out there to help you recover from an injury or to manage day-to-day strains. Sometimes one technique isn’t as effective for one person as it is for another, but one thing for sure is that osteopathy has helped many people achieve a greater level of overall well-being.

The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine notes there are some key differences between osteopathic practitioners in the U.S. compared to some European countries—a fully-licensed osteopathic physician in the U.S. “practice the entire scope of modern medicine,” and can also prescribe drugs, perform surgery as well as follow holistic practices. Here are six things to know about choosing an osteopathic physician (also know as a DO)…

1. Your Body is Treated as a Whole

While some forms of treatment only address specific problems, osteopathic medicine “emphasizes the relationship between all organ systems of the body,” as well as bones, muscles, and overall function, notes HealthyWomen.org.

DOs can treat a variety of problems, but they don’t fixate on one symptom or area of the body, notes the source. “DOs believe that all the systems in your body—including the musculoskeletal system –operate in an integrated way. Problems with one system can affect the others,” it adds.

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