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6 Health Facts about Psychosomatic Disorders to Keep in Mind

Thoughts are very powerful things, so much so that they can cause our bodies to act in strange ways. Psychosomatic (also referred to as somatic symptom disorder (SSD) and psycho-physiologic disorder) is defined as a seemingly purely physical illness (pain, rashes, and other symptoms) that has been created or aggravated by mental conflict or unrest.

Make no mistake; psychosomatic illnesses are real and are generally taken seriously by the medical community, but you may not be suffering from a physical illness in the traditional sense. According to many experts, your mental state can cause or worsen particular physical ailments. Here are six things to know about this topic…

1. Some Skin Ailments Respond to Stress

According to Patient.info, “Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to be made worse by mental factors such as stress and anxiety.” Among those ailments are problems with the skin like eczema, which is scaly and dry skin (although there are varying forms).

The bottom line is, although eczema is on its own is considered an autoimmune disease—when your body’s natural defenses attack healthy cells—it could be the physical manifestation of an unhealthy mind. Although it’s hard to gauge exactly how mental state is worsening this particular condition, the source explains that patients often complain of their worse physical symptoms when they’re at their worst mentally.


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