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6 Health Conditions Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional medical treatment. But it’s hardly new — in fact, acupuncture is considered an ancient medical practice in its nation of origin, China. Over hundreds of years trained practitioners have taken their practice of stimulating specific points on the body using tiny needles to just about every corner of the earth.

For many people, the spread of acupuncture from Asia has brought significant pain relief. Today, the practice is considered one of the best alternatives to going the more usual route, which typically involves physiotherapy, stretchy, and taking prescription medication. Acupuncture proponents insist it can help with a variety of health issues that cause pain — so, can it help you?

1. Sleeplessness

There’s nothing painful about lying awake at night, per se. But serious, chronic insomnia does have a significant and negative impact on individuals struggling with the condition. For example, sleeplessness can cause one to feel tired, struggle to remain focused on tasks, and may weaken their immune systems. And that’s not even addressing the sheer frustration of lying awake through the night.

To this point, there are surprisingly few ways to overcome insomnia. Medications can help, but typically become less effective over time and may come with annoying side effects. And with the proliferation of bright screens, the problem isn’t about to go away. Thankfully, it appears acupuncture can help. Research shows that acupuncture, in combination with herbal treatments, can help individuals get to sleep without medications. Additionally, the acupuncture treatments brought no serious side effects.

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