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6 Facts to Digest About Functional Dyspepsia

If you regularly have a gut feeling, then you may be experiencing functional dyspepsia (also known as non-ulcer dyspepsia, pseudo-ulcer syndrome, pyloro-duodenal irritability, and gastritis), which the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research describes as a “chronic disorder of sensation and movement (peristalsis) in the upper digestive tract”.

While it’s generally not considered a serious condition, there are many symptoms attached to it that can make life unpleasant for a patient. Here are six signs you may be suffering from functional dyspepsia…

1. It Can Mimic an Ulcer

Canadian Society of Intestinal Research notes that some doctors would have mistaken complaints about upper/middle abdominal pain as an ulcer, which are sores on the stomach lining that can bleed.

However, physicians can now rule that diagnosis out by using detailed barium X-rays or gastroscopy, according to the source. Functional dyspepsia doesn’t present evidence of a structural disease, although the symptoms will have lasted more 3-months or more, it adds.

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