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6 Facts on Tuberous Sclerosis for Awareness Month

Finding a tumor in your body is never a pleasant situation, especially when you don’t know for sure if it’s dangerous until it’s tested. Imagine developing numerous tumors throughout your body—that’s what it’s like living with Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC).

While the tumors associated with this disease are benign (non-cancerous), that doesn’t mean they don’t have any effects on your health. Quite the opposite, actually, meaning they can wreak havoc with your physical and mental health. Here are six facts about Tuberous Sclerosis in time for awareness month in January…

1. Tuberous Sclerosis Can Trigger Seizures

According to the Mayo Clinic, this disease can create “lesions” in the brain that have been associated with seizures. These episodes can be very alarming for witnesses and potentially dangerous to sufferers, who may lose consciousness and be injured.

Since this disease often gets its start during early childhood or even infancy, it is linked with “infantile spasm,” which the clinic says is a common form of seizure and causes “repetitive spasms” of the head and legs.


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