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6 Facts About Mental Health and Minority Groups

In recent years there’s been more focus than ever before on mental health and the way mental health illnesses can affect our everyday lifestyles. One of the many remaining questions about mental health is this: do mental health issues affect everyone equally? Or do some groups experience these issues in unique ways?

Now, mental health experts are examining how these issues affect minority groups. So far, the results have been both surprising and alarming. July is Minority Mental Health Month, a time to consider these important facts about how mental health illnesses affect minorities…

1. Immigrant Experiences

Imagine being forced to leave your country and travel thousands of miles to an entirely new place, where you must learn a new language and lifestyle and adapt to a completely alien culture.

That’s the experience of many refugees and it’s often overwhelming. For example, an estimated 40 percent of Southeast Asian refugees to the United States suffer from intense depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after arriving. Clearly, the challenges these groups face set them apart from the challenges encountered by native-born Americans.


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