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6 Dreamy Facts for Stomach Sleepers

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a stomach sleeper. Try as I may to fall asleep on my back or in the fetal position, I always wake up flat on my belly with my face smashed into my pillow (which apparently causes wrinkles). If you’re not a stomach slumberer you’re likely wondering “What’s the big deal?”.

However, this article is for my fellow stomach sleepers who’ve been told by everyone—from mom to your doctor to your massage therapist—that stomach sleeping is the worst possible sleeping position…

1. Calling All Stomach Sleepers

According to the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, roughly 7-percent of the population is guilty of stomach sleeping—much of which is enjoyed in slumber with the arms wrapped around a pillow with the head turned to either right or left side.

While quite a few enjoy sleeping on their bellies, the AAS explains that stomach sleeping has long garnered a bad rap for developing lower back, neck, and spinal issues.


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