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6 Dangerous Self Pity Traps

Feeling sorry for yourself? Hard done by? You’re not alone. Everyone goes through periods in their life where things don’t go their way. Divorce, losing a job, being passed over for a promotion. The list is endless, it’s part of life. It’s difficult to feel positive and upbeat after experiencing disappointment and it’s easy to get stuck feeling sorry for yourself. This negative thinking trap is not a healthy place to dwell. If you stay here too long, it can adversely affect your life.

Let’s take a closer look at the dangers of self-pity…


1. Victim Mentality

Self-pity encourages you to take on a victim mentality. No matter what you do nothing goes right. You are victimized by people, circumstances or things. The problem is that you’ve given away your power to improve your circumstances.

Adopting a victim mentality makes you feel helpless, powerless and devalued. It’s a terrible and uncomfortable state of mind, which can lead to more serious health problems in the long run.


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