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6 Common Lies We Tell Our Doctors

When you think back to your many visits with various health professionals over the years you likely remember how they helped you or failed you. However, you might (conveniently) forget the many little white lies you told in their offices. According to a collaborative study carried out by General Electric Co. and the Cleveland Clinic, 28-percent of patient admit telling the odd little white lie to a doctor, however, a shocking 77-percent of doctors and registerd nurses suspect  surveyed more than one fourth of patients lie.

It’s true, and many doctors will attest to their patients’ common over-exaggerations (i.e., exercise) and under-exaggerations (i.e., drinking or smoking). Call them what you will, many of us may forget, fib, or distort the truth to avoid embarrassment or a lecture from our doctors. But consider how these little six prevalent lies can drastically impact our health…

1. Mistaking Medications

Many of lie to our dentist’s about how often we floss, but the dentist knows the truth when he or she inspects your mouth. The same goes for doctors who’s patients fib about how often and how long they’ve taken a medication. If you forget a few days (or a week) due to forgetting to renew a prescription, your doctor can tell from a quick blood test or lab.

However, consider the wasted time and money spent on testing in the meantime.  Physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, Dr. Steve Yoon, from Los Angeles’ Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic, tells us that the fibs and misuse of medication not only obstructs the healing process, it may cause your physician to recommend a unnecessary increase in medication dosage or an unwarranted surgery.

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