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6 Bizarre Signs of Ill Health

Hearing loss linked to diabetes? Eye sight decline linked to dementia?

Studies now show that these seemingly unrelated heath issues can indicate a future chronic health issue. So keep an eye out for these somewhat innocent yet gradual physical changes that may actually pinpoint a health hazard down the road…

1. Hair Loss and Thyroid Problems

While some hair loss is arguably hereditary, according to the British Thyroid Foundation, sometimes hair loss has to do with an underlying thyroid issue. While a properly working thyroid (the endocrine gland in your neck) maintains healthy hormone secretion—a faulty thyroid (either hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism) can cause issues with metabolism, weight gain, body temperature, and even hair loss.

In addition to hair loss, thyroid issues can also cause thinning eyebrows, dry hair, and coarse hair that breaks easily several months after the onset of the disease. Luckily, if hair loss is tied to hormone levels, hair can regrow with proper thyroid medication.

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