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5 Ways Natural Light Brightens your Life

Most of us are trapped in an office with dim lighting, and some of us aren’t even lucky enough to have a window at all in the workplace. However, it’s not just the office where many are starved for natural light—reading indoors in less than ideal lighting conditions or spending time in basements and rec rooms with no natural sunlight at all can be limiting.

It has been proven by many experts that natural light can boost your mental and physical efficiency (not to mention save money on your electricity bill). While you can’t always be outside, there are ways to get the benefits of sunlight while writing your report or catching up on the latest novels. Here are five reasons to let the sun shine in…


1. Better Sleep

That’s right, more white light means better quality sleep at night, according to a study from Northwestern University, in Illinois. The study showed that employees with windows nearby receive 173-percent more natural light throughout their workday, which translated to 46 additional minutes of sleep each night (compared to those without windows in the workplace).

Getting less quality sleep may also be another detrimental result of lack of natural light exposure, the study suggests. The university said that getting a dose of white light (in the morning especially) has a positive effect on your overall health and vitality—and also noted that natural light is “the most important synchronizing agent for the brain and body.”

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